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Creation and Science

It is an all-too-common argument: why, if they comprise more than a third of humanity’s religious beliefs, do Creationists have such low numbers of scientists?

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First, let us address the premises. Christians comprise roughly one-third of word religions, depending on whether you include Catholicism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Latter-Day Saints under their name. Most non-Christian assessments place this figure around 30% of Earth’s population – some 2.2 billion people.

The other premise is that evolutionary or atheistic scientists vastly outweigh Creationist ones – by anywhere from 70 to 98 percent. Is this true?

A 2009 survey by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) found that while 83% of the general public believe in God (or, as the survey put it, a ‘higher power’), only 33% of scientists do. A bit disparaging, one might think – but that wasn’t all.

The same poll (conducted on AAAS scientists on behalf of Pew Research Center for the People & the Press) found that a surprising thirty percent of scientists were either Protestant or Catholic.

What to make of this?

An important point to consider is that manipulation is worryingly common in surveys – the famous claim that 98% of scientists believe in global warming is actually swapping global warming for climate change: only 30% of scientists believe it’s our fault. Also, consider that we may have already turned this tide – in the 1970s, the popular chemical chlorofluorocarbons were banned under grounds that they were causing the ozone layer to begin to vanish…unsurprisingly, over Antarctica, where the sun’s rays would shine ever more harshly on icecaps. It takes about fifty years for such changes to work their way into the climate system and the ozone layer, so the effects of this change will probably soon start to be felt.

But returning to the point, there’s one more thing to ponder.

The AAAS scientists surveyed here – and the survey’s results – don’t exist in a vacuum. They affect what our children believe in ways we can’t begin to guess at. After all, aren’t children being taught this? Isn’t the persistent banning of religious acts in the education system what’s causing this disproportionate representation of atheists?

When thinking about this survey, it’s helpful to remember a quote from, of all people, Adolf Hitler – ‘If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.’

So evolutionist scientists are more common than they logically ought to be. Does that make Creationists stupid?

If they keep saying it, it will.



Pew Research Poll

Worldwide Division of Religion

Hitler Quote


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