In the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, I’d like to share this article by an associate of mine: Why Did God Allow the Las Vegas Massacre?


3 thoughts on “Death

  1. “So, our recent national embrace of homosexuality shows conclusively that God is, in fact, abandoning us.” So… basically gay people are to blame? And “But a mass shooting by a United-States-born civilian, that killed more than 50 people and injured more than 500 has never happened in this country.” Are they forgetting about the Pulse shooting? That didn’t have 500 injured but 51 people died. Although it’s not surprising really, considering LGBT people, aka the people killed in the Pulse shooting, are apparently why this shooting happened.


    1. If you’d read the rest of the article, you’d see where he says multiple times that gay people are not to blame. If you wish to criticise, give the criticism to the person who can listen to it and learn from it, which is the posts’s original author.

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    2. Yes, if you had actually read the article or if you did read it, if you were fair with it, you would see that it said several times, this isn’t the fault of gays. And then it went onto say that God isn’t punishing us because there’s a lot of homosexuality going around… the homosexuality is actually part of the punishment.

      So a Christian can’t blame gays for any of this. Biblically speaking, homosexuality IS part of the punishment.


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